Whether you suffer from chronic illness — such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorder, cancer, and chronic fatigue — or are
simply interested in taking charge of your health,
an integrated approach with Salutogenesis can help you realize your full potential.

An Integrative Approach To Health

At Salutogenesis, we offer an integrative approach to health, crafting personalized strategies for every patient that takes into consideration their unique conditions and needs. We offer both direct-pay internal medicine services, as well as a wide range of integrative approaches for those seeking treatment beyond standard primary care. Dr. Pasha is a board certified physician in internal medicine, integrative medicine, and hospice/palliative care.

Our Escondido office — in the heart of North County San Diego — is a healing space where you can receive care from numerous health practitioners, including a physician, an energy healer, a dietitian and nutritionist,  a massage therapist, and an acupuncturist. We also collaborate with your primary care physician, as well as with specialists and therapists as the need dictates. Beyond personalized care, we host numerous classes geared towards healing, including yoga, meditation, cooking, creative writing, art and dance.

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