Before Your Visit

Prior to your first session, you will be requested to fill out and bring to your visit a health and life questionnaire. Please make every effort to answer the questions openly and completely. Note, all information shared is in strictest confidence and stored in a HIPAA compliant fashion. Your answers to the questionnaire will guide your treatment, both in identifying areas that might be inhibiting growth and in establishing what you are seeking most out of treatment.

Access the questionnaire

At Your First Visit

At your first consultation visit (90 minutes), we will do a life review to build on your health questionnaire. This will be followed by a physical examination and review of any lab work that you may already have with you. Once I have completed my assessment, we will create a plan of care in line with your priorities and most immediate health concerns. This plan will entail dietary modifications, prescriptions for exercise, supplements as needed, and mental health guidance as necessitated by your unique needs. If I feel a prescription medication, surgery, or referral to an allied health professional such as a massage therapist, acupuncturist, etc., will be beneficial to you, then I will make that recommendation. I will also communicate with your primary care physician as needed to ensure that all of your needs are met.

After Your First Session 

A follow-up appointment will be set for three to four weeks after your first session to clarify any concerns and course-correct if necessary. At the end of your first visit, I will make sure you have my telephone number and email to reach me should further questions arise prior to the follow up visit. At all subsequent sessions, we will chart your progress, review any diagnostics or blood work previously ordered, and modify your care plan as needed.

Ready to go? 

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