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The Gift

It was many years ago at a conference in Hawaii that I heard a speaker talk about our illness bringing a gift. Dr. Lewis Mehl-Madrona also spoke about talking to our illness — and for anyone interested, I recommend his Coyote trilogy. Over the years this seed concept has germinated and blossomed in my mind. I often see people who live with chronic illness … Read More The Gift

What does ‘Salutogenesis’ mean?

By: Sabiha Pasha, M.D. Salutogenesis is a term coined by Aaron Antonovsky, a professor of medical sociology. It describes an approach to healing that focuses on factors that support human health and wellbeing rather than on those that cause disease. It looks closely at the relationship between health, stress, and coping. Holistic/Integrative medicine looks at the whole person, including an analysis of one’s physical, nutritional, … Read More What does ‘Salutogenesis’ mean?